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Marathon Wild Bird Center
P. O. Box 501328
Marathon, Fl. 33050


The Marathon Wild Bird Center became incorporated in 1998 and became a not-for-profit 501-3 in 1999. Kelly, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator who specializes in migratory birds, works closely with local veterinarians and other interested individuals dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and return to the wild of sick, orphaned and injured birds in the Middle Florida Keys.


People throughout the Florida Keys know the MWBC as one of the leading wild bird rescue centers for the care and rehabilitation of wild birds in Monroe County. Facilities in the Lower Keys and Key West Birds often transfer their patients to the Bird Center for consultations and advanced care. In addition to the operation of a year-round rehabilitation clinic, the Bird Center also participates in a variety of educational programs and research projects.


Central located in Marathon, Florida, our home office and wildlife rehabilitation center are nestled in a 64-acre hardwood hammock as part of the Museums and Nature Center of Crane Point at mile marker 50 bayside.

Areas of interest and expertise

MWBC's rehabilitation program concentrates on wild birds - the animals most commonly affected by the presence of humans in our sub-tropical islands. In the last decade, we have treated more than 5,500 birds of 70-plus species, from warblers to eagles. Taking advantage of the large number and variety of wild birds admitted for care at the center, MWBC continues to develop new and better methods of animal husbandry and medical treatments. Current areas of interest include:

Developing appropriate uses of medications in wild birds

Exploring improvements in nutritional supplementation

Redefining the use of saltwater therapy pools for debilitate sea birds.

Our ongoing program has also allowed MWBC's volunteer staff to gain extensive experience in bird care.

Home Wish List Stories Patients Injuries Baby Birds


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