Join Our Initiative!

Marathon Wild Bird Center’s rehabilitation program concentrates on wild birds – the animals most commonly affected by the presence of humans in our sub-tropical islands. In the last three decades, we have treated more than 25,000 birds of 70-plus species, from warblers to eagles. Taking advantage of the large number and variety of wild birds admitted for care at the center, MWBC continues to develop new and better methods of animal husbandry and medical treatments.

People from ages 16 to 116 are welcome to volunteer. Many of our young volunteers have gone off to successful careers as veterinarians and agents for state and federal wildlife departments and we couldn’t be more proud! Whether you have some spare time to fill or have an interest and want to learn more, give us a call. We need volunteers to rescue or pick-up birds, clean enclosures, run errands, do a little landscaping or maintenance and to host educational booths. Call to schedule a facility tour and we’ll talk about how volunteering can help us both!

Current areas of interest include:

  • Developing appropriate uses of medications in wild birds
  • Exploring improvements in nutritional supplementation
  • Redefining the use of salt water therapy pools for debilitating sea birds.

Our ongoing program has also allowed Marathon Wild Bird Center’s volunteer staff to gain extensive experience in bird care.